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Pallor is a pale color of the skin that can be caused by illness, emotional shock or stress, stimulant use, or anemia, and is the result of a reduced amount of ...


Pallor definition, unusual or extreme paleness, as from fear, ill health, or death; wanness. See more.


Define pallor: deficiency of color especially of the face : paleness — pallor in a sentence.


Looking for online definition of pallor in the Medical Dictionary? pallor explanation free. What is pallor? Meaning of pallor medical term. What does pallor mean?


[Middle English pallour, from Old French palor, from Latin pallor, from pallēre, to be pale; see pel- in Indo-European roots.] American Heritage® Dictionary of the ...


pallor definition, meaning, what is pallor: the state of being very pale: . Learn more.


The woman's pallor indicates a health problem. Licensed from ThinkStockPhoto. noun. Pallor is extreme paleness or a lack of healthy color in the skin.


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Pallor definition: If you refer to the pallor of someone's face or skin, you mean that it is pale and... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.