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A perimeter is a path that surrounds a two-dimensional shape. The word comes from the Greek peri (around) and meter (measure). The term may be used either  ...

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The distance around a two-dimensional shape. Example: the perimeter of this rectangle is 3+7+3+7 = 20. The perimeter of a circle is called the circumference.

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the outside edge of an area or surface. : the total length of the lines that form a shape. the perimeter basketball : the area on a basketball court that is not close to ...

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Perimeter definition, the border or outer boundary of a two-dimensional figure. See more.

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the continuous line forming the boundary of a closed geom... Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

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Math glossary - definitions with examples. © Jenny ... perimeter. • distance around the outside of a shape, calculated by adding the length of all sides together.

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In mathematics, the perimeter is the distance around a two-dimensional shape. The formula for finding the perimeter of certain shapes will be...

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a. A closed line bounding a plane area. b. The length of such a line. 2. The outer limits of an area. See Synonyms at circumference. 3. A defended boundary ...

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Aug 9, 2010 ... A video from the "Basic Math Video Lab" series from the City College of San Francisco, featuring mathematics instructor "Mr. P." The ...

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From Latin, meaning “around” (peri)and “measure” (metron), a perimeter is basically a boundary of any kind, measuring around the shape. In mathematics ...

the border or outer boundary of a two-dimensional figure.
the length of such a boundary.
a line bounding or marking off an area.
the outermost limits.
Military. a fortified boundary that protects a troop position.
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