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Synchronous serial communication


Synchronous serial communication describes a serial communication protocol in which "data is ... Control codes are defined in terms of bit sequences instead of characters. Synchronization is ma...

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2) In program-to-program communication, synchronous communication requires that each end of an exchange of communication respond in turn without ...

What is Synchronous? Webopedia Definition


The opposite of synchronous is asynchronous. Most communication between computers and devices is asynchronous -- it can occur at any time and at irregular ...

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous | Education Advisor


When it comes to online learning, students employ synchronous and asynchronous communication to get their work done. The word synchronous means ...

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v. syn·chro·nized, syn·chro·niz·ing, syn·chro·niz·es. v.tr. 1. a. To cause to occur or operate with exact coincidence in time or rate: The military units synchronized ...

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Synchronous definition, occurring at the same time; coinciding in time; ... British Dictionary definitions for synchronous ... operating system, communications 1.

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Define synchronous: happening, moving, or existing at the same ... 5 : of, used in, or being digital communication (as between computers) in which a common ...

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Oct 25, 2005 ... Asynchronous Communication Definition ... are present at the same time is a form of synchronous communication or real time communication.

Synchronous transmission dictionary definition | synchronous ...


Data transmission in which a relatively large set of data is organized into a frame or block, with one or more synchronization bits or bit patterns used to identify ...

Synchronous dictionary definition | synchronous defined


synchronous definition: The definition of synchronous is something that happens at ... those computations from resuming until the communication is complete.

Synchronization (computer science)
In computer science, synchronization refers to one of two distinct but related concepts: synchronization of processes, and synchronization of data. Process ... More »
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What is synchronous communication? definition and meaning


Definition of synchronous communication: Data transfer method in which sent ( upstream) and received (downstream) data flows at the same speed, and is ...

What is Synchronous Communication | IGI Global


Definition of Synchronous Communication: Synchronous communication can be defined as real- time communication between two people. Examples include ...

What is Synchronous Transmission? - Definition from Techopedia


Synchronous Transmission Definition - Synchronous transmission is a data transfer method which is characterized by a continuous stream of data in the...