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VoIP (voice over IP) transmits voice and multimedia over the internet, enabling users to conduct real-time voice communications like telephone calls and faxes.

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(VoIP) Voice over Internet Protocol is a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for voice calls.

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The definition of VoIP defined and explained in simple language.

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Your VoIP provider may permit you to select an area code different from the area in which you live. It also means that people who call you may incur long ...

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VoIP basically means voice transmitted over a digital network. The Internet, however, isn't strictly necessary for VoIP. What is necessary for VoIP technology is ...

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VoIP definition, voice over Internet protocol: a technology or set of standards for delivery of telephone calls and other voice communications over the Internet, ...

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The definition of voice over IP (VoIP) refers to a system that enables voice transmissions to be carried over any IP network. The IP systems might include the  ...

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Definition of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): Technology that allows voice to be carried over internet connections or other networks (which are not designed ...

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Definition of: VoIP. VoIP. (Voice Over IP) A digital telephone service that uses the ... Telephone companies, cable companies and dedicated providers offer VoIP ...

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Mar 15, 2007 ... VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) topics covering definition, objectives, systems and solutions.

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Voice over Internet Protocol is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol  ... More »
[pronounced as initials or voip]
voice over Internet protocol: a technology or set of standards for delivery of telephone calls and other voice communications over the Internet, involving conversion of analog voice signals to digital form.
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