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Weathering is the breaking down of rocks, soil and their minerals through direct ... the Earth's surface by removing loose, fine-grained particles, called 'deflation'.

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erosion, the removal of rock by wind, water, ice, or gravity. deposition, the .... deflation, Wind erosion that removes surface materials. loess, A wind-formed ...

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the land forms are chiefly accomplished by wind-scour, or deflation. The great vigor with ... they would be on the same rocks in a humid land, although on the .... and must continue the work of excavation and removal wherever the rock-floor is .... face of the country becomes worn down to the condition of a pene- plain there  ...

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As the surrounding less resistant rocks were worn away, the resistant center ... ways friction can be reduced along a slope: wildfires, removal of vegetation, ..... As they are removed, the ground surface gets lower and rockier, causing deflation.

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in a sediment or sedimentary rock during or after deposition. axial plane A geometric ..... deflation A process of erosion in which wind carries off particles of dust ...

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They form around shrubs or larger rocks, which act as anchors to hold the main part of ... Deflation: The lowering of the land surface due to the removal of fine- grained .... the smoother and flatter it appears, like a highly worn cobblestone street.

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(Physical Geography) geography the effect of mechanical erosion of rock, esp a ... Noun, 1. abrasion - an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off .... Case report: Air abrasion cavity preparation for caries removal in paediatric dentistry.

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(Geological Science) the wearing away of rocks and other deposits on the earth's ... 3. the process by which the surface of the earth is worn away by the action of water, ... The removal of loose mineral particles by wind, water, and moving ice. ... deflation - (geology) the erosion of soil as a consequence of sand and dust and ...

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DEFLATION: The removal of loose material from a beach or other land ... DETRITUS: Small fragments of rock which have been worn or broken away from a ...

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This can cause the object being hit with particles to become smooth or worn. This type of wind ... In deserts, wind abrasion shapes the rocks and boulders. In areas ... Deflation is the removal of loose sediment from the flat land surface by wind.

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Apr 6, 2011 ... is a mixture of weathered rock, organic matter, water, and air that supports ... is the wearing away and removal of rock or sediment. ... deflation ...

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Aeolian erosion develops through two principal processes: deflation (removal of loosened material and its transport as fine grains in atmospheric suspension) ...