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The density, or more precisely, the volumetric mass density, of a substance is its mass per unit ... Different materials usually have different densities, and density may be relevant ..... Jump up ^ CRC Press Handbook of tables for Applied Engineering Science, 2nd Edition, 1976, Table 1-59; Jump up ^ glycerol composition at.


Material, Density (gm/cm^3). Liquids. Water at 4 C. 1.0000. Water at 20 C. 0.998. Gasoline. 0.70. Mercury. 13.6. Milk. 1.03. Material, Density (gm/cm^3). Solids.


Substance, density (g/cm3). air, 0.0013. wood (cherry), 0.43. wood (walnut), 0.59. wood (southern pine), 0.65. wood (sugar maple), 0.69. wood (birch), 0.71.


Mar 28, 2011 ... S-5-3-3_Densities of Common Substances and KEY. Name ... Density is a measure of the amount of mass in a certain volume. This physical property is ... Then use the chart above to determine the identity of each substance.


Glass, common, 2.4 - 2.8, 150 - 175. Glass, flint, 2.9 - 5.9, 180 - 370. Glass, Pyrex, 2.21, 138. Glass-wool, 0.025, 1.6. Glue, 1.3, 79. Gneiss, 2.69, 168. Gold, 19.29 ...


See densities and calculate volumes and weights for 676 non-food and 4021 food items, and calculate ... Search for substances, materials, gravels and foods.


TABLE OF DENSITIES OF THE MORE. COMMON MATERIALS. Material. Density (kg/m3). Material. Density (kg/m3). Air. 1.29. Iron, cast. 7209. Aluminium. 2691.


Two of the biggest examples of density are buoyancy and population density. ... Here are examples of substances and their density expressed as grams per ...


Substances have differnt densities. In fact the density of a substance can often be used to help idenify it. Below is a table of densities of common materials: ...


Objects with the same volume but different mass have different densities. ... the density of different cubes and use these values to identify the substance each .... The volume of each cube is the same, 15.6 cm3, and is given in their chart on the  ...