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In phylogenetics, a synapomorphy is a shared derived character or trait state that distinguishes a clade from other organisms. In other words, it is an apomorphy ...

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Derived characteristics are traits shared by the members of a group of organisms with many similarities, known as a clade. These characteristics, however, are ...

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Shared derived characters are the main evidence for phylogenetic relations. All the characters shared between species can be divided into three types:.

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apomorphy -- specialized (=derived) characters of an organism. basal group -- The earliest diverging group within a clade; for instance, to hypothesize that ...

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Primitive Character = Plesiomorphy. A character which is in the state shared by the common ancestor of the group. Derived Character = Apomorphy. A character  ...

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Examine the sample cladogram, each letter on the diagram points to a derived character, or something different (or newer) than what was seen in previous ...

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Looking for online definition of derived character in the Medical Dictionary? derived character explanation free. What is derived character? Meaning of derived ...

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synapomorphy: shared, derived character shared by all descendants, to the exclusion of a common ancestor. An example of this is live birth and lactation, which ...

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A cladogram is constructed according to the occurrence of shared derived characters within a lineage. Derived characters are evolutionary innovations or ...

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Similarity of characters [character states] may occur for either of two reasons ... Among turtle, lizard, cat, and kangaroo: a shared derived character of therian ...

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Specifically, we are interested in shared derived characters. A shared character is one that two lineages have in common, and a derived character is one that ...

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Biologists distinguish three different types of character: homoplasy, shared derived character and ancestral character. A homoplasy is a character that species ...

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A derived character is a trait that arose in the most recent common ancestor of a particular lineage and was passed along to its descendants.