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Description. Bigfoot is described as a large, hairy, muscular, bipedal ape-like creature, roughly 2–3 metres (6 ft 7 in–9 ft 10 in) ...

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While many Bigfoot statistics can be brushed aside as merely hypothetical, some facts rise above the rest as undisputed, hard truth. We don't take research ...

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WALLA WALLA --- Except for the 1967 filming by Roger Patterson, there is not much to support belief in the existence of a Bigfoot, other than the telling of ...

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The first sighting of a Sasquatch by a white man apparently came in 1811 near ... The description of Jacko is so much like that of a chimpanzee, and so unlike ...



Apr 4, 2012 ... When I last talked about Sasquatch, I spoke of the physical attributes ... The descriptions of superhuman strength, power, and speed must be ...

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To date, a creature fitting the description has not been capture and studied, ... Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a figure in North American folklore alleged to ...

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This article contains description of sasquatch biology, including their physical characteristics as we know it from eye witness accounts.

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We assume Bigfoot crossed the road to get to the other side, as the old joke goes, but ... Here's a discussion and description of yet another of the most recently ...

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In addition sasquatch tracks have been observed, described, and documented ... The descriptions of sasquatch anatomy sound very much like an upright gorilla.

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Bigfoot Theories and Facts. ... Description: We have thousands, and probably even hundreds of thousands of reports of this creature spanning thousands of ...

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Similarly, the sasquatch Tom Sewid saw in a British Columbia coastal beach in the spotlight of his fishboat in September, 1994, had a chest “like one-and-a-half  ...

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North America Bigfoot Search has spent hundreds of hours refining, researching, investigating and interviewing to develop the profile in the attached listing.

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The sasquatch is a large, hairy, bipedal non-human primate (Fig. 1) that is distributed over the North American continent to varying degrees of concentration .

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Bigfoot is described as being a large humanoid creature. It is reported to appear very human-like and walking on two legs. It is said to be similar to human and ...

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Description. According to most eyewitness accounts, the sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest United States is a large, powerfully built, ...