Flowers That Bloom in the Desert
The United States is home to three "hot" deserts: the Sonoran, Chihuahuan and Mojave, and one "cold" desert: the Great Basin. The plants that grow in the hot deserts have affinity to subtropical species, unlike cold desert plants. Regardless of... More »
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List of Sonoran Desert wildflowers

The wildflowers of the Sonoran Desert typically appear after a rain, some after the winter ... Common name: desert anemone; Flowers bloom February to April ...

Desert Wildflowers - When will they bloom? - DesertUSA

When will the wildflowers bloom in the desert? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about desert wildflowers. Unfortunately, it is also one of the ...

Desert Wildflower Reports - DesertUSA

What's in Bloom - Desert Wildflower Reports Listed by Deserts, Parks and States by DesertUSA. ... New ebook on Desert Wildflowers for Kindle and iPads.
View desert flowers and cactus in bloom, a stately saguaro cactus, and a rare deformed saguaro cactus. Comments are closed for this post. More »

Desert Wildflower Reports for Southern California by DesertUSA

The Joshua tree bloom is going to seed. There are new green plants with small yellow flowers and they are Mustard. You will find an occasional Fiddleneck and  ...

The Desert in Bloom - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Sandy flat in a dry year · Same scene with field of flowers ... Some desert flowers bloom nearly every year -- see Desert Flowering Seasons and What's in Bloom ...

Desert Wildflower Blooms - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Desert Wildflower Blooms. The Spring Flowering Season in the Arizona Upland subdivision spans from mid February to mid June with a peak from mid March to ...

Peak Blooming Periods for California Desert Wildflowers

Peak Blooming Periods for California Desert Wildflowers. Jan. February. March. April. May. June …..……..…..Imperial Valley….....………. Best Areas: Holtville ...

Wildflower Viewing - National Park Service

Yellow blooms of Acton's brittlebush, Encelia actoni, with rocks in the background . ... Desert regions above 5,000 feet may have plants blooming as late as June.

Popular Q&A
Q: Desert Flower Bloom Times.
A: Most flowering desert plants, aside from cacti, are annuals. The live out their short lives from mid-January to late June, between significant rainfall events b... Read More »
Q: When Do Flowers in the California Desert Bloom?
A: Desert wildflowers thrive in arid wasteland. Dependent on rainfall, wind and weather, wildflower display times vary from year to year. The California poppy, the... Read More »
Q: What is the flower that blooms once a year in the desert?
A: 'Bramhakamal' is the flower that only blooms one day out of ... Read More »
Q: Would you rather be a flower blooming in the desert or blooming o...
A: The question seems to only ask, would you rather have an extrordinary life that is short or a fairly long life that is ordinary? As such, I'll take my chances i... Read More »
Q: Anyways, the premise is that there are two desert clans of a worl...
A: Your searching book probably either one of following.If not so,If you looking for following URLs I am sure you can get such book. 1.Out of the Dark is by Betty ... Read More »