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List of deserts by area


This is the list of the largest deserts in the world by area. It includes all deserts with an area greater than 52,000 square kilometres (20,100 sq mi).

Deserts of the World | The 7 Continents


Our expansive list of the deserts of the world. Exlpore the desert of the world map with information on each subtropical, cool, coastal, and artic desert.

Principal Deserts of the World - Infoplease


The world's deserts are divided into four categories. Subtropical deserts are the hottest, with parched terrain and rapid evaporation. Although cool coastal ...

10 Largest Deserts in the World - WorldAtlas.com


Jul 14, 2016 ... Though many of the world's largest desert are characterized by heat and ... Deserts are classified depending on the amount of rain that falls, the ...

Hot Deserts of the World - MBGnet


Hot Deserts of the World. The main form of precipitation in a hot desert is rain. But that's only ten inches or less of rain per year.

What is the Largest Desert on Earth? - Universe Today


Dec 24, 2015 ... The second largest desert is the Arctic, with 13.7 million square km. The third largest desert in the world is the more familiar Sahara, with a total ...

World Geography Games: Deserts


Test your knowledge of the largest deserts in the world. Where is the Mojave Desert? Where is the Great Victoria Desert? Where is the Sinai? Let's play and ...

World Deserts Map


Find world deserts map, highlights cool coastal, cold winter and subtropical deserts of different continents.

The Top 5 Largest Deserts on Earth


Despite the common conceptions of deserts as dry and hot, there are cold deserts as well. The largest hot desert in the world, northern Africa's Sahara, reaches ...

Top 5 Deserts of the World | The Inside Track | Travel Blog from On ...


Jan 23, 2013 ... Deserts are among the most dramatically alluring natural landscapes in the world . Their stark beauty is timeless, and life here exists at the ...

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Largest Desert in the World - Desert Map - GEOLOGY.COM


Where is the World's Largest Desert? The Sahara Desert in Northern Africa - by Geology.com.

Largest Deserts in the World, Top Ten Largest Deserts - World Map


Largest Desert in the World - Map showing the location of top ten largest deserts in the World by area in square kilometers. Sahara Desert (Africa) is the largest ...

Deserts of the World - MBGnet


The table below compares the sizes of the world's largest deserts. See Types of Deserts for more information about individual deserts throughout the world.