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An imp is a mythological being similar to a fairy or goblin, frequently described in folklore and ... Starting in the 16th century, it was often used in expressions like " imps of serpents"...

Imps Devilish Duels: A Dice & Card Battle Game by Triple Ace ...


Jun 28, 2016 ... Triple Ace Games Ltd is raising funds for Imps Devilish Duels: A Dice & Card Battle Game on Kickstarter! Imps Devilish Duels is a card and ...

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*PRE-ORDER ONLY GAME DELIVERING IN FEBUARY 2017* Welcome to Imps Devilish Duels! “It is a well known fact that students of magic learn to hone their ...

Devilish Imps take owner back to his Rootes - The Globe and Mail


Oct 28, 2016 ... Parents worked at Scottish factory and 'me and my pallies all drove Imps'

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Willingly serving spellcasters as familiars, imps play the role of dutiful servants, often granting their masters cunning advice and infernal insights. In truth, though  ...

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Imp definition, a little devil or demon; an evil spirit. See more.

Slammed By A Devilish Imp - Speedhunters


Nov 23, 2015 ... One of the cars that I think is on the front-line is the humble Hillman Imp: a perfect platform for some reworking of the classic mod scene.

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It was eventually applied to the offspring of people and later used pejoratively in the sense of offspring of the devil. The devilish meaning remains, but an imp can  ...

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Imps Devilish Duels is a hybrid dice and card battle game for two players. Each player controls a team of 4 mischievous Imps. Each imp has some kind of skill ...

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Least Devils: imps, lemures. Lesser Devils: bearded devils (barbazus), erinyes, barbed devils (hamatulas), bone devils (osyluths). Greater Devils: horned devils ...