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The Anatomy of a Wave - The Physics Classroom


If a snapshot of such a transverse wave could be taken so as to freeze the shape of the rope in time, then it would look like the following diagram.

Compression Wave: Definition & Overview - Video & Lesson ...


As you can see from the diagram, the particle density varies in a perfect wave shape. This is how we know that longitudinal 'waves' are really waves.

Transverse and Longitudinal Waves | Zona Land Education


Transverse waves are easy to draw; longitudinal waves are difficult to draw. The mathematics of wave motion easily maps into diagrams for transverse waves, ...

GCSE PHYSICS - What is a Longitudinal Wave? - What is the ...


Longitudinal Waves including Wavelength, Compression and Rarefaction.

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Transverse and longitudinal waves


A secondary school revision resource for Edexcel GCSE Science about waves.

What is the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves?


In a longitudinal wave, the motion of the medium is parallel to the direction of the wave . This means that the particles move left and right which in turn makes the ...

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A transverse wave is a wave in which particles of the medium move in a direction ... In the diagram above, the wavelength is the horizontal distance from A to E, ...

Longitudinal and transverse waves - SlideShare


Sep 7, 2010 ... The diagram shows a coil spring along which a longitudinal wave is (c) Is the ... The diagram below shows a transverse wave travelling a rope.

Longitudinal Waves - Physics Video by Brightstorm


Time-saving video on longitudinal waves. Longitudinal waves are waves which move particles in the direction of the wave motion. Short explanation of ...

longitudinal wave | physics | Britannica.com


Longitudinal wave, wave consisting of a periodic disturbance or vibration that takes place in the same direction as the advance of the wave. A coiled spring that  ...

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Transverse and Longitudinal Waves - HyperPhysics


For transverse waves the displacement of the medium is perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the wave. A ripple on a pond and a wave on a string are ...

Longitudinal and Transverse Wave Motion


In a longitudinal wave the particle displacement is parallel to the direction of wave propagation. The animation at right shows a one-dimensional longitudinal  ...

What is an example of a compressional wave? | Reference.com


An example of a mechanical longitudinal wave, or a compressional wave, is a sound wave. Another example is primary waves of an earthquake. Both travel ...