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Rosalind Elsie Franklin (25 July 1920 – 16 April 1958) was an English chemist and X-ray ... Watson suggested that Franklin would have ideally been awarded a Nobel ... Her aunt, Helen Caroline ...

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Rosalind's father Ellis maintained the family wealth by following the Franklin tradition of ... Franklin loved precise scientific experimentation, from 1942 to 1946 she did ... by talking more than he would otherwise have to his friends Watson and Crick, ... Her photographs are among the most beautiful X-ray photographs of any ...

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Her family was well-to-do and both sides were very involved in social and public ... Rosalind Franklin was extremely intelligent and she knew by the age of 15 ... Her father actively discouraged her interest since it was very difficult for women to have ... Franklin did not know Watson and Crick as well as Wilkins did and never  .....

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Family Rosalind Elsie Franklin was the eldest daughter and second of five children ... looking after anyone in need, including unmarried mothers, the unemployed, ... Only in 1947, once Cambridge had changed its regulations, did Franklin gain ... were 'amongst the most beautiful x-ray photos of any substance ever taken.

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Rosalind Franklin (born 25th July, 1920) was born into an affluent family, but ... could not get a formal degree, as Cambridge did not give degrees to women (it ...

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Franklin did not share her findings with Wilkins because she was shocked by his ... One look told Watson that the DNA molecule has the form of a helix. ... among the most beautiful x-ray photographs of any substance ever taken” (1958, p. .... and artistic family previously unconnected with sciences, Rosalind Franklin was a  ...

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Rosalind Franklin was part of the discovery of the structure of DNA, though she died ... Her family was well-off; her father a banker with socialist leanings who taught at the ... Rosalind Franklin did not marry or have children; she conceived of her ... The Nobel Prize rules limit the number of persons for any award to three, and ...

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1920 - 1958. Rosalind Franklin always liked facts. ... She passed the examination for admission to Cambridge University in 1938, and it sparked a family crisis.

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Sep 19, 2013 ... Rosalind Franklin was a scientist whose contributions to the discovery of ... Many people recall that the structure of the DNA molecule has the shape of a double helix. ... and was known in the family for being very clever and outspoken. ... to leave King's was that she would not pursue any research on DNA, ...

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Biography of Rosalind Franklin. ... took in two Jewish children from Nazi Germany to live in their home as part of the family. ... far as I can see, they have no foundation other than they lead to a pleasanter view of life (and an ... This she did not.

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Scientist Rosalind Franklin's work paved the way for the discovery of the structure of DNA. ... Elsie Franklin was born into an affluent and influential Jewish family on July ... "Her photographs were among the most beautiful X-ray photographs of any ... The two scientists did in fact use what they saw in Photo 51 as the basis ...

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--Rosalind Franklin in a letter to Ellis Franklin, ca. summer 1940 ... Her father Ellis Franklin was a partner at Keyser's Bank, one of the family's major ... (Her father did not, as some accounts state, oppose her in this, though he might have ...

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There is probably no other woman scientist with as much controversy ... Franklin did extremely well at science and then studied physics and chemistry. ... What is clear is that she did have a meaningful role in learning the structure of DNA and ...