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Diet. Although orangutans may consume leaves, shoots, and even bird eggs, fruit is the most important part of their diet. Orangutans are ...

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Although fruit comprises most of the orangutan's diet, they still require other nutrients as part of their daily intake. They receive a mixture of sugars and fats from ...

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Over 400 food types have been documented as part of the orangutans' diet, and although it consists mainly of fruit, in times of scarcity orangutans will shift their ...

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The orangutan diet is made up of bark, leaves, flowers, a variety of insects, and most importantly, over 300 kinds of fruit.Termites and ants are part of their diet to  ...

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Approximately 90% of the diet that an orangutan consumes is fruit. What they will consume depends on their natural habitat as well as the season.

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The complete observed orangutan food list contains 1693 species, which includes 1666 plant species, 16 invertebrate, 4 vertebrate and 7 other. Plant food  ...

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Orangutans are omnivores (they eat both plants and animals) but are mostly herbivorous (plants comprise most of their diet). They eat fruit (their favorite food),  ...

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Orangutans live in Indonesia and Malaysia on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo . ... and the land is cleared to grow palm oil, an ingredient in lots of foods.

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Orangutans have remarkable abilities for traveling through the forest canopy. They make their homes in these trees, find their food there, and build tree nests ...

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Feb 24, 2014 ... Fruit makes up about 60% of the orangutan's diet, including lychees, mangosteens, mangoes and figs. They also eat young leaves and shoots, ...

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Q: What is the orangutans diet?
A: The_orangutans'diet_mainly_consists_of_fruit_and_vegetables,but_they_also_like_to_eat_nuts_and_leaves.They_particularly_love_a_fruit_named_a_Durian'and_they_als... Read More »
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Q: What is a orangutans diet?
A: Orangutans diet is made up of 65% fruit. They also eat bird eggs, honey, insects, tree bark, and young leaves Read More »
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Q: What is in a orangutan's diet?
A: Nearly 90% of orangutans' diet is composed of fruit. They eat more than 400 different plant varieties. ! Read More »
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Q: What is the diet of an orang-utan?
A: orangutan's diet are fruit, with young leaves, bark, flowers, insects, and sometimes bird's eggs are also eaten. One of their preferred foods is the fruit of th... Read More »
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Q: What is an orangutans habitat,diet, and social structure. also wh...
A: The orangutans are a species of great apes. Known for their intelligence, they live in trees and they are the largest living arboreal animal. They have longer a... Read More »
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