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Oct 10, 2014 ... Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are all the same weather phenomenon; we just use different names for these storms in different places.


Get the facts right. Determine the difference between these 3 terms and here's the answer. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone. Simply put: Hurricane =


Dec 3, 2005 ... Technically, a cyclone is any kind of circular wind storm. But now, it is only used to describe a strong tropical storm found off of the coast of India ...


Nov 5, 2015 ... Tornado, twister, hurricane, tropical cyclone, typhoon—what's the ... The tropical cyclone season in northern Australia is normally between ...


Sep 25, 2013 ... Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are all the same weather phenomenon. ... consensus on a link is between climate change and hurricanes.


Nov 11, 2013 ... A powerful typhoon hit the Philippines on Friday and moved out to the South China Sea: HURRICANE? CYCLONE? TYPHOON? They're all ...


Aug 7, 2014 ... Aside from slightly different wind speeds, there is no difference between a hurricane, a typhoon, and a cyclone. They are all different names for ...


What's the difference between Cyclone and Tornado? ... conditions, these storms may be referred to as typhoons, hurricanes, tropical cyclones and others.


TORNADO. A tornado is simply a violently rotating column of air between the bottom of a cumuliform cloud and ground. It is about as wide as 800-1000 m and  ...


Nov 11, 2013 ... A powerful typhoon hit the Philippines on Friday before heading toward Vietnam.