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Rabbit breeds are different varieties of the domestic rabbit created through selective breeding or natural selection. Breeds recognized by organizations such as ...


The American Rabbit Breeders Association currently recognizes 49 unique rabbit breeds and 13 different breeds of cavies. Within many of these breeds, there ...


List of All Rabbit Breeds. ... They have been bred in many different colors. Special Care: This is a wool breed and will require extensive daily grooming and a ...


Oct 29, 2016 ... Rabbits come in an array of breeds with different colors, sizes, shapes and coat types. The subtle differences between breeds is mostly of ...


Rabbit Breeds List - learn about the different breeds of rabbits and find pictures, information, breed history and more on each individual rabbit breed.


Is this the complete list for all the different types of rabbits? Which is your favourite breed? Add YOUR photos too!


Breeds of rabbits distinguished by breed, size, body type, lop-ears, fur type and ... Discover the different breeds of rabbits according to breed, size, body type, ...


As a miniature version of the Rex rabbit, the Mini Rex has risen in popularity. With a sweet personality, and fur described as "living velvet," the Mini Rex makes a ...


Research shows well over 50 different breeds with varieties of each particular ... Different rabbit breeds, and varying sizes, can have different requirements.


Mar 15, 2014 ... All rabbits make perfect pets! Anyway, there are a few different breeds of rabbits that are known for their diverse qualities and identity attributes.