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Scientists in other fields will use still other types of laboratories. ... Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used by scientists ... Both laboratory equipment and scienti...

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Provides a visual representation of chemical laboratory equipment shapes and ... Kipp's Apparatus is a laboratory apparatus for producing gas by the action of a ... diagrams use special shapes to represent different types of chemical tester.

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Sep 26, 2011 ... Test tube-also known as a Laboratory Apparatus<br /> 3. .... produced in a number of different glass thicknesses to stand different types of use.

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Jul 5, 2006 ... Glass funnels are for funneling liquids from one container to another or for filtering when equipped with filter paper. Graduated cylinders are for ...

Guide to Chemistry Lab Equipment with Pictures


This chemistry lab glossary with pictures provides names and types of labware complete with pictures and uses. Learn about different laboratory equipment now !

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Nov 21, 2015 ... This is a list of 27 basic pieces of laboratory equipment you would find in a ... for one reason or another, putting themselves and those around them in danger. ..... Nine Kinds Of Laboratory Glassware: Descriptions With Photos.

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Items 1 - 16 of 73 ... Stock up on laboratory apparatus and equipment like glassware, ... Use a laboratory scissor jack to elevate equipment for various lab set ...

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We also use different types of flasks in the biology lab. Most commonly used is the Erlenmeyer flask, which looks like an upside-down funnel. This piece of ...

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Like any other workspace, a laboratory holds the tools of the trade. The apparatus ... Another common apparatus found in laboratories is the balance. A balance.

Commonly Used Lab Equipment


Used to stir, heat (if glass), and measure liquid volume in mL (rough estimate). Beaker Tongs. Used to handle hot beakers. Florence Flask. Glassware used to ...

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Q: What Are The Different Types Of Laboratory Apparatuses And Their ...
A: Vials - to store medication Read More »
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Q: What Are The Different Types Of Laboratory Apparatuses And Their ...
A: Bunsen Burner, Iron Stand, Watch Glass, Beaker, Wire Gauze, Platform Balance, Iron RIng, Test Tube, Vials, Erlenmeyer Flask, Alcohol Lamp... Read More »
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Q: Different types of laboratory apparatus?
A: There are numerous appartus which are present in a lab: 1- Test tube. 2- Test tube rack. 3- Test tube holder. 4- Tongs. 5- Measuring cylinder. 6- Pipette (comes... Read More »
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Q: What are the Types of Laboratory Apparatus?
A: Laboratory apparatus refer to the equipment, tools and other devices used by scientists working in a laboratory. The apparatus help researchers perform scientif... Read More »
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Q: What are the different laboratory apparatuses and uses?
A: Beaker-put substance needed for the experiment Test tube-use for combining chemicals Crucible-used to head substances at a very high temperature Pipette-used to... Read More »
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