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What Are Different Types of Sugars?
When a recipe calls for "sugar," it typically means regular, white, granulated sugar. Not all sugars are created equally, though. In addition to there being many types of white sugar, the same goes for brown sugars and liquid sugars. Not to mention the... More »
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Sugar is the generalized name for sweet, short-chain, soluble carbohydrates, many of which are used in food. They are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. There are various types of sugar deriv...

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White Sugar. There are many different types of granulated sugar. Some of these are used only by the food industry and professional bakers and are not ...

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Dec 8, 2014 ... How well do you know your sugar varieties? What's the difference between turbinado and demerara? Is caster sugar the same as powdered ...

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Apr 11, 2012 ... You know it's true.) As self-proclaimed sugar freaks, we feel it's our duty to understand the different types of sugar and clarify them for all of you.

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Dec 11, 2013 ... So I thought it might be helpful to list the many different types of sugar and whether they're any healthier for you or not (spoiler: there's not much ...

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Here is everything you ever wanted to know about sugar, plus the lowdown on 25 different types of sweeteners on the market today.

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fferent Types Of Sugar - Sugar or sucrose, is a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in every fruit and vegetable in the plant kingdom.

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Types of Sugar - There are numerous types of sugar, although most people might first think of basic table sugar. Learn about the different types of sugar.

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May 20, 2015 ... Known by a few different names, icing sugar, powdered sugar, and confectioners' sugar are all the same thing: granulated sugar that has been ...