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List of abbreviations in photography - Wikipedia


During most of the 20th century photography depended mainly upon the photochemical technology of silver halide emulsions on glass plates or roll film. Early in the 21st century this technology was d...

A Glossary of Digital Photography Terms | explora - B&H


Sometimes, the phrases, acronyms and strings of numbers or number-letter combinations used to identify photographic hardware or techniques can be daunting ...

Camera Glossary - Basic Terminology of Digital Photography


Jun 11, 2014 ... Here is a glossary of terms that explains the features and functions of digital cameras including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and phone ...

Digital camera glossary of terms | DigicamGuides.com


Learn photography terms and digital camera terms with our comprehensive digital camera glossary. Find out all about megapixels, sensors, memory cards, ...

Digital Dictionary - A Glossary of Photographic Terms | ATP


Dec 17, 2013 ... A Glossary of Photographic Terms. This Digital Dictionary is on hand for whenever you come accross a photographic term you don't understand ...

FAQs about Digital Camera Terminology | Overstock.com


FAQs about Digital Camera Terminology from Overstock.com. Our guides provide customers with answers to frequently asked questions about digital camera ...

Understanding ISO - A Beginner's Guide - Photography Life


Dec 15, 2009 ... In very basic terms, ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to ... typically 200, while most Canon digital cameras have the base ISO of 100.

Photography Glossary | Photography Terms & Video Terminology ...


Photography terms can be tricky. Solve the mystery of photography terminology and video camera lingo with the Nikon photography glossary. Learn more here!

Digital Focus: Digital Camera Jargon Explained | TechHive


Feb 22, 2005 ... This week I share that wisdom with you: Here's the top five digital camera terms you need to understand when you go camera shopping.

Glossary of Digital Photography Terms - Photoxels


You are here: Home > Glossary of Digital Photography Terms ... A camera mode that attempts to use a fast enough shutter speed (by upping the ISO) to prevent ...

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Basic Photo Terms Glossary - Ritz Camera


Measured in degrees, and qualified by terms such as wide-angle, normal, and .... CCD: For charged couple device; the sensor used by most digital cameras, ...

Digital Camera Terminology - Digital Camera Warehouse


Digital Camera Glossary and Terminology guide. Get the low down on all the camera acronyms, technical talk and lingo with a huge range of camera and digital ...

Glossary of Digital Photography Terminology


Glossary of photography terminology, including specific digital photography ... A digital camera can record 256 shades of brightness, from "0" (pure black) to ...