Plants That Disperse Seeds
Plants that produce seed to reproduce have some ingenious ways of dispersing them. Some plants have exploding seed pods that scatter their seeds while others grow seed with wings that get carried by the wind. Some plants make seed that hitchhikes in the... More »
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Seed dispersal

Seed dispersal is the movement or transport of seeds away from the parent plant. Plants have very limited mobility and consequently rely upon a variety of ...

Biology of Plants: Seed Dispersal - MBGnet

Dispersal means scattering or distribution of something. What is a fruit? Fruit is the part of the plant that protects seeds as they grow. Fruits can be fleshy and ...

Seed Dispersal

Plants need to disperse their seeds away from themselves to stop overcrowding and to create new. colonies. Nearly all seeds are produced within fruits .

Seed dispersal | Sciencelearn Hub

Feb 2, 2014 ... Plants disperse their seeds over a wide area to increase their chances of growth and survival. The most common methods of seed dispersal are ...

Seed Dispersal - The Seed Site

Before they can grow into new plants, seeds need to leave the seed pod. If all the seeds a plant produced landed just underneath the parent plant, they would be ...

Seed dispersal - Encyclopedia of Earth

Mar 31, 2009 ... Seed dispersal is the movement or transport of seeds away from the parent plant. Plants have limited mobility and consequently rely upon a ...

Seeds on the Move - Seed Dispersal for Kids - KIDS DISCOVER

Sep 26, 2013 ... Science and parent blogger Christy Peterson talks about plant reproduction and seed dispersal in this fascinating post about plants for kids.

Seed Dispersal :: Dispersion of Seeds

How seeds are dispersed or distributed - by splitting, by wind, by water, by ... The fruits of most water plants have buoyant, waterproof coverings that allow them ...

Seed Dispersal by wind, water, explosion, animals

Flowering plants reproduce themselves by producing seeds. The seeds also provide the plants with a way to spread out and grow in new places, sometimes a  ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What fruit Animal would most likely ensure the widest dispersal o...
A: Migratory birds. And the farther the migration, the farther the potential for the seed dispersal. At least this is true if the seed was small enough to be eaten... Read More »
Q: Why do plants disperse their seeds how do plants disperse their s...
A: Simply, plants disperse seeds to ensure their survival. The more seeds dispersed over a greater geographic rage means that there is more chance of reproduction ... Read More »
Q: How Do Plants Disperse Seeds?
A: Maple tree seeds have wings. maple image by anutka from Dandelions and milkweeds are examples of plants that use the wind to disperse their seeds b... Read More »
Q: Why Do Plants Disperse Their Seeds?
A: Seed Dispersal Seed dispersal is a term that refers to how a plant distributes its seeds over long distances. While plants that simply drop their seeds as they ... Read More »
Q: Why do plant disperse their seed?
A: Plants disperse their seeds to expand their growth area and give them accesses to more resources. If seeds simply fell in the same area, it would quickly run ou... Read More »