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For an observer on the ground with eye level at h = 5 ft 7 in ... the sea-level horizon to the west is at a distance of ...

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This is a rough guide to determine the distance of the horizon based on the observer's height above mean sea level. The screen will work in Metric or Imperial ...

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The distance to the horizon is simply an upper limit to how far away it is physically ... Ut'kikk is currently located up in the main mast, 12 metres above sea level.

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Jan 15, 2009 ... SQR(height in feet) * 1.2 equals the distance to your horizon in miles. ...... I suggest the horizon, while standing at sea level and from eye ...

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is a factor if the feature is over 3 miles away (assuming the camera is at 6 feet above sea level). The impact of the horizon is not usually significant enough to ...

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If you want to know the distance to the horizon you simply have to know your height of eye. That is the distance that your eyes are off the surface of the water.

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Sep 12, 2012 ... The distance to the horizon depends on many variables including your ... than the sea level, total height eye level above sea about 12ft 6inchs?

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Jan 20, 2010 ... Online calculation of the distance to the horizon. ... Usage: Type the eye-level height above the sea surface and the height of the lowest visible ...

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How far can I see into the horizon? How far can you see at sea level? They are ... You get the point, the higher you are, the greater distance you can see. But the ...

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A 6-foot man is standing on the beach at sea level looking straight ... How far can he see - i.e. what is the distance from the man to the horizon?

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If h is in meters, that makes the distance to the geometric horizon 3.57 km times ... on the shore and wondering how far out to sea a ship or island might be visible. ... was in thinner air well above ground level, because of the mountains' height.

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The following diagram shows you how the distance to the horizon can change ... where "height above surface" is in feet and "distance to horizon" is in miles.

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If you can measure how high your eyes are from sea level, you can. ... sea level, you can actually calculate the distance between you and the horizon as follows.