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Caterpillar /ˈkætərˌpɪlər/ is the common name for the larvae of members of the order ... agricultural produce, whereas the moths are obscure and do no direct harm. ... ...

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The bristles, or setae, are a means of defense for many caterpillars. While the bristles on some species do not cause irritation, others have urticating hairs that ...

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. Yes they have bristles.

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No. Some are hairless. ... What does it mean if a caterpillar is all slimy and its legs are stuck together? That would mean ... Do caterpillars have bristles or hair?

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Caterpillars have a segmented body consisting of a head, a thorax (with three pairs of .... Caterpillars sense touch through tiny hairs (setae) that are all over the  ...

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Although they have poor eyesight and hearing, they do have a series of six tiny eyelets ... These caterpillars have spiny bristles or long fine hairs that will irritate ...

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Jun 24, 2012 ... The fuzzy darlings of many a children's book do more than hang out on trees ... Stinging caterpillars have urticating hairs — hollow bristles that ...

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The caterpillars with bristles use the bristles as a defense mechanism. The bristles often are ... Insects: How many legs does a caterpillar have? ... in which the water doesn't soak your hair or spray against the mirror or get in your eyes, and ...

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5 days ago ... Caterpillars do not have good vision. ... These caterpillars have spiny bristles or long fine hair-like setae with detachable tips that will irritate by ...

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Sep 16, 2009 ... Some species of caterpillars have urticating hairs which can cause extreme itching, skin ... How does one come into contact with the hairs?