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the numbers of pairs of pro-legs; sawfly larvae have 6 while caterpillars have up to 5 ... These measures include having spiny bristles or long fine hair-like setae ...

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The bristles, or setae, are a means of defense for many caterpillars. While the bristles on some species do not cause irritation, others have urticating hairs that ...

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Yes they have bristles. ... Do caterpillars have bristles or hair? Do caterpillars have ... I think caterpillars have hair to make it harder for predators to eat it. I am not ...

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Apr 24, 2013 ... Caterpillars do not have good vision. ... These caterpillars have spiny bristles or long fine hair-like setae with detachable tips that will irritate by ...

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Butterflies undergo complete metamorphosis and have a four-stage life cycle. ... Caterpillars have a segmented body consisting of a head, a thorax (with three .... These hairs are attached to nerve cells, and relay information about touch to the ...

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They do not breathe through their mouths, but through a series of small tubules along ... These caterpillars have spiny bristles or long fine hairs that will irritate ...

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Like all insects, caterpillars do not breathe through their mouths. ... These caterpillars have spiny bristles or long fine hair-like setae with detachable tips that will ...

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Caterpillars are nicknamed “eating machines” since all they do is eat, eat and eat ! ... now and grown hair, have different colors, bristles, tufts called “pencils,” or ...

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Aug 29, 2014 ... Hickory Tussock caterpillars have bristles (hairs) that break off and stick into your skin and are very allergenic to some people. Some of the ...

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Apr 30, 2015 ... How do caterpillar hairs keep them from getting eaten? Closeup of an Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Malacosoma americanum showing bristles on the skin. ... There are a lot of caterpillars which have hairs which are modified to ...

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Q: Do caterpillars have bristles or hair?
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Q: Why do caterpillars have hair?
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