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Will these jellyfish sting like their marine cousins? The answer is yes and no: They do have the same basic “stinging cells” on the tentacles (used for feeding), but ...

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Box Jellyfish Description, Behavior, Feeding, Reproduction, Box Jellyfish threats and ... It isn't understood why they have eyes though and very few species do.

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Sea anemones are cnidarians; their closest relatives are corals, jellyfish and hydra. ... However, retraction does not automatically indicate a hibernation or sleep ...

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Besides North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming every state has experienced freshwater jellyfish sightings. But do they really belong here?

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Jellyfish are one of nature's least understood animals. ... Learn more about jellyfish and their eating habits on Discovery Channel's "Discover Magazine. ... He doesn't find one, but what he does find is a rare fish that leaps several feet out of the ...

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Hibernate definition, Zoology. to spend the winter in close quarters in a dormant ... The Squirrel does not hibernate, as it is said by the older writers to do.

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Jellyfish do not have backbones, and they move up and down in a unique way. ... But common jellyfish sting do not kill. ... Do Raccoon's Hibernate in Winter? -.

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Even though the disappearance of the squirrels might be associated by some people at least two hibernation but this is not true. Squirrels do not hibernate.

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Do turtles hibernate Hibernation has always fascinated humans because it is not possible for humans to hibernate and therefore whenever you are speaking ...

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Frogs are very versatile creatures because you can find frogs and places where it snows and you can find frogs in Amazon jungles as well and frogs are present ...

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Q: Do jellyfish migrate or hibernate?
A: yes the well known invertabrate called the jellyfish migrate to Afica every year in the winter. Read More »
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Jun 30, 1981 ... A. Jellyfish do not hibernate in a true sense but spend the winter in a dormant stage. The free-swimming jellyfish, known as the medusa stage of ...

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jellyfish dont migrate and or hibernate either. ... Do platypuses hibernate or migrate? Platypuses neither hibernate nor migrate. They are active throughout the ...

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There are a few jellyfish that can kill a human being in only a matter of minutes. Among them is the box ... Jellyfish do not have enough adaptations to live outside of water. In order to do this they ... Latest Questions. Do Sea Horses Hibernate?



Sep 17, 2013 ... This species is among the better known Pacific coast jellyfish ... Two of these that do so are actually specialists, large animals that roam slowly ...