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House Mouse, Mus musculus. Scientific classification ... The terms 'Eutheria and ' Placental' do not mean quite the same thing. A few early ... Monotremes, for example, lay eggs which pro...

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Dec 19, 2012 ... Mice! See the incredible birth of a baby mouse hatching from egg. Well. ... Not so fake: nature.com /news/ mouse-stem-cells-lay-eggs-1.11545.

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No. Mice are placental mammals, meaning they give birth to live young. The only egg-laying mammals (monotremes) are platypuses and echidnas.

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Mice are fertile animals because female mice come into heat every four to five days. ... Mice Reproduction · How Fast Do Mice Reproduce · Do Mice Lay Eggs ...

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Recommended House Mouse Mice Control Traps, Baits, Zappers and Catchers ... Most over the counter baits sold at hardware stores and retailers do not ..... They will lay eggs in the decaying rodents carcass with a resulting infestation of flies ...

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One of the most prolific members of the rodent family, a pet mouse can reproduce quickly, breeding as often as every 20 days. With an average lifespan of 18 ...

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While peafowl phrases pepper the language -- "proud as a peacock," "pretty as a peacock" -- they all pertain to the colorful male of the species. "Plain as a ...

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Insects, Spiders, Mice & More · Animal Pests & ... QUESTION #3: Why do I have more lice problems with my daughter who has the longest hair? I have two other ... QUESTION #5: Will head lice lay eggs other places than hair? ANSWER: Yes.

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May 5, 2015 ... Flocks of guineas kill and eat mice and small rats. ... If you confine your guineas ( as you might wish to do for meat and/or egg production), it is ... To reduce the likelihood of hens laying eggs in hidden nests outside, keep ...

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WHAT FEATURES DO ALL MAMMALS SHARE? ... MONOTREMES, such as the platypus, lay eggs. ... Rats and mice have colonized our towns and cities.

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They have babies.

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However, there are two animals that lay eggs but are still considered mammals! ... Humans, elephants, cats, mice, pigs, rhinoceroses, gorillas, and many other ... Many kinds of fish do not wait for their eggs to hatch and do not take care of their  ...

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Oct 14, 2012 ... I suppose anything is possible given the wonders of modern genetics,