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Science Fair Projects - Effect of milk on plant growth


Hypothesis. Using milk to water plants will help them grow better. ... Proteins in milk are rich in nitrogen but they are not in a form that plants can synthesize.

Does a plant grow bigger if watered with milk or water? | Reference ...


Potted plants generally grow bigger when watered with water rather than milk. Milk is more viscous than water, and the nutrients in milk do not benefit plants the  ...

Milk As Fertilizer – Feeding Plants With Milk - Gardening Know How


May 9, 2016 ... In addition to helping with plant growth, feeding plants with milk can also ... wipe down the leaves with a wet cloth or spray them with water.

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Does Barley grow better with plain water, orange juice or milk? ... Although the water plant grew really fast but the orange juice plant soon surpassed the water ...

In Which Liquids Do Seeds Grow Best?-A Botany Experiment ...


Growing plants in water instead of soil is called hydroponics, and it's a ... seeds prefer milk, iced tea, vinegar, orange juice, club soda, or plain old tap water. ... Until now, you've probably assumed that seeds sprout better in water than in any  ...

Do Plants Need Water? Experiment | Education.com


Jan 2, 2014 ... What types of nutrients do plants need in order to survive? Why do ... Plants need sunlight, nutrient rich soil and water to grow. Though ... Label the containers, “ Water/Control,” “Milk,” “Juice,” “Cola,” and “Sports Drink.” Fill the ...

Feeding Plants Experiment | Education.com


Can plants live and grow when “watered” with juice, soda or milk instead of water ? ... “Water” the plants daily or as necessary for your climate with one of the four ...

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Mar 29, 2013 ... Mythbusters assessment for school(sorry for bad quality)

Milk as Fertilizer - Garden Myths


Mar 24, 2014 ... Plants can't tell the difference between nitrogen from milk, manure or ... Milk is mostly water and so it does very little to build soil structure. ... I wouldn't look to it as a substitution for better fertilizer or soil amendment sources. .... farms studied were already growing organic and as such probably alr...

Milk and Tomato Growing - Harvest to Table


May 13, 2009 ... So milk can be a tomato plant fertilizer: Sprinkle a quarter to a half cup of ... a dilute mix of 1 part milk and 9 parts water prevented fungi from growing. .... think will make a friend or neighbor a better gardener, please share it.

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Conclusion - Science Fair Projects


The hypothesis that using milk to water plants will help them grow better is disproved. ... Milk will also cause bacteria growth and attract insects that can harm the ...

Does Milk or Water Make Plants Grow Faster? | eHow


Plants require certain chemicals and nutrients to grow and develop. Water can provide these essentials to plants effectively and efficiently. Milk has useful ...

Do Plants Grow Bigger If Watered With Milk, Coke or Water? | eHow


However, many gardeners claim that milk or Coke can also help in growing certain ... Will Coke, Sprite or Apple Juice Help Plants Grow Better Than Water?