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Jan 30, 2014 ... A material is said to be magnetic if it acts like a magnet. ... Use the staples to confirm that all your nails are about the same strength. ... The nail you put in the oven should have lost some of its magnetism, while the one you put in ... Education.com does not make any guarantee or representation regarding the ...

What affects the strength of a magnet?


Br is the measure of its residual magnetic flux density in Gauss, which is the ... magnetic field strength in Oersted, or the point at which the magnet becomes .... You should see that the flux measurement for the NdFeB magnet does not change. ... Turn the pin so that it is now lined up in an East-West direction and hit it another ...

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I got a bunch of neodymium super-magnets to put up heavy stuff on the side of my refrigerator and hold music to a steel music stand. ... Hitting them will give you a bunch of magnetic shards. ... Does the description of this g.

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Sep 3, 2014 ... The attractive magnetic field between two bar magnets shown up with .... We'd notice Earth's magnetism much more if its gravity weren't so very strong. ... The strength of an electromagnet depends on two main things: the .... You can also destroy or weaken ferromagnetism if you hit a magnet repeatedly.

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How does a magnet's strength drop off with distance? What is the equation for ... Can a magnet that has lost its strength be re-magnetized? Can I make a magnet  ...

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Aug 27, 2011 ... If so, Why does a permanent magnet motor not lose it's magnetism? ... loose some fraction of a percent over a year if held in a magnetic field, but ... The modern rare earth magnets don't have much problem with reduced field strength, not ... magnets, as they would lose some of their magnetism and weaken .....

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Identifying the North and South Poles of a Magnet Using a Compass .... the strength of your magnet is much greater than the earth's magnetic field, and ... The pattern will vary depending on the shape of the magnet and its position under the paper. .... hitting the nail jarred the molecules out of line and destroyed or weakened ...

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Magnetic fields always exit the magnet from its North pole and enter the magnet at its South pole. ... Field strength of magnetsdoes shape matter? .... could, if strong enough, start to demagnetise (weaken) the permanent magnet. ..... Magnets are brittle and can break, ship or shatter with sharp shards if they hit another ...

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What does saturation magnetism mean? ... Although it is the magnet to use for high-strength applications, one of its drawbacks is that it cannot be ... A cup provides a disc magnet the optimal magnetic flux focus into the smallest gap area . .... Regardless of how careful you are, sooner or later the sharp edge will hit a bar.

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Aug 9, 2012 ... “The directive force of a magnet is its tendency to point to the north pole of the ... render a steel bar magnetic by placing a magnet on its middle and drawing it off .... similar ends be in juxtaposition; or gradually the polarity will be weakened. ... in another piece of steel, without losing any of its own strength.

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Q: How does hitting a magnet weaken its magnetic strength—or does it...
A: And the reason is this: In a magnet the electrons in the atoms are spinning in the same direction, which gives a magnet its magnetic domain—north or south—and c... Read More »
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Q: Does dropping or hitting a magnet weaken the strength of the magn...
A: Dropping, hitting, or heating a magnet will Read More »
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Cooling the material will cause magnetic domains to form again at the Curie temperature, but ... Then even if the magnet is cooled back down, it will have lost most of its net ... Usually the strength of a permanent magnet does grow slightly as it is cooled. ... Generally speaking, heating the magnet core will slightly weaken the ...

Why does a permanent magnet weaken when you drop or heat it


Dropping, hitting, or heating a magnet will disturb the magnetic field-the spin of ... Does hitting a magnet weaken its magnetic force? ... To increase the strength of a magnet you need to stack it between two stronger magnets or electromagnets.

Is it possible to make the magnets lose it magnetic field permanently?


Mar 12, 2009 ... I know magnets can lose its magnetic properties if exposed to heat, ... old magnets tent to have lost magnetism because of all hitting and banging that they are used under. Bigger magnets loose their strength faster because they tend to .... and the relative motion of other magnetic fields can weaken them.