How to Draw Cartoon People
Drawing realistic people can be challenging for a beginning artist, but drawing cartoons can offer a way to experiment with drawing people. Drawing people as cartoons is less complicated because the figures require less detail, and can help the beginning... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw a Cartoon Face Correctly ...

Sep 11, 2013 ... Draw both pupils directed to the center (this is a very effective tactic used by major cartoonists whose sole purpose is to make our characters ...

How to Draw Cartoon People - How to Draw Cartoons

Learn how to draw cartoon people from all walks of life. Use these simple drawing lessons to draw various male and female cartoons, in different shapes and ...

4 Ways to Draw Cartoon Characters - wikiHow

How to Draw Cartoon Characters. This article will show you how to draw cartoon characters. Draw a horizontal oval for the hair.
Start learning to draw cartoons with fun faces using simple shapes. Learn how to draw simple cartoon people with an easy boy and girl cartoon character, then learn how to use classic cartoon stereotypes to create funny characters - from the daft 'goofy guy' to the sma... More »
By Helen South, Guide

How to Draw Cartoon People with Step by Step Drawing Lessons ...

Learn how to draw cartoonish - comic styled cartoon people with these free drawing lessons. You Might Also Enjoy Our Drawing Tutorials for Drawing Realistic ... Cartoon People&v=cuBQAkGOfUw
May 11, 2012 ... This video shows you how to create a simple cartoon person. Feel free to like, comment and even subscribe it would help out a lot. Hope you ... Cartoon People&v=UxcfvU4Vfok
Jul 19, 2014 ... Ever want to draw a cartoon of yourself or maybe someone else! This tutorial will ... I love send notes to people with illustrated cartoons in them. Cartoon People&v=dVMw3OjbZ4E
May 21, 2012 ... how to draw cartoons people step by step how you get lear how to draw cartoons people step by step In this video you will learn to understand ...

How to draw cartoon people and their different body parts

Study cartoon people's body parts and clothing so that you can draw your characters more efficiently.

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Q: How to Draw Cartoon People.
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Q: How to Draw Cartoon People.
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Q: How to Draw Cartoon People
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