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The Dukan Diet food list contains the 100 foods that are allowed & will help you ... Below is the updated list of the 100 allowed foods for the Dukan Diet: 68 Pure ...


In addition to the list of 72 high protein, low fat foods, there is of course, a very important “73rd” food that is eaten throughout the Dukan Diet. This is oat bran and ...


Below is the ultimate dukan diet food list with over 100 allowed food items: all pure protein foods for the first phase, the vegetables to enjoy in the second phase , ...


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There's a list of 72 foods to choose from. During the Dukan Attack Phase foods should be cooked without any added fat so grilling or roasting is best. In addition  ...


Lose up to 7lb in FIVE days and get ready for the beach with the Dukan Holiday Diet. Dukan Diet Attack Phase (initial phase) Shopping List All protein diet only.


Feb 7, 2014 ... The Dukan diet instructs followers to base their meals on high-protein, low- carbohydrate foods. While dieters are allowed some ...


Mar 19, 2012 ... This is the list of the 72 foods that are OK to eat during the attack phase of the Ducan Diet. I am also adding my own list at the end of each ...


Every plan has to start somewhere, and the Dukan Diet kicks off with the Attack ... You can eat as much as you want as long as it is on the allowed foods list.