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An airline ticket is a document, issued by an airline or a travel agency, to confirm that an ... tickets - the older style with coupons now referred to as a paper ticket, and the now more common ele...

What's the Difference Between Paper and Electronic Tickets?


What works better for me...paper or electronic tickets? ... Paper Vs. Electronic Tickets ... With an electronic ticket, this information is held within the airline's ...

Though e-tickets by far the norm for air travel, paper persists: Travel ...


Mar 4, 2014 ... Papertix In 2008, IATA stopped issuing paper tickets to agents for flights abroad, and at year's end, ARC reported that more than 99% of the ...

air travel - E-Ticket vs Itinerary vs Booking Reference - Travel Stack ...


Oct 27, 2015 ... The eTicket number (which is exactly the same as a paper ticket number) is your actual travel document's identifier. The ticket number is ...

2.4. : Electronic tickets and ticketless travel - Edward Hasbrouck


Flights may still operate when reservation computers are down, but only holders of paper tickets are transported, since e-tickets can't be verified offline. E-ticket ...

Paper Ticket Vs. Electronic Ticket Or E-ticket - Faretex


E-ticket or Electronic Ticket E-ticket is an electronic form of a paper ticket. After a flight reservation is made, an agent issues an electronic equivalent of.

How Do Electronic Airline Tickets Work? | USA Today


A number of airlines have virtually eliminated paper tickets, switching over to electronic tickets instead. Little difference exists between the two, with the main ...

IATA - Industry Bids Farewell to Paper Ticket


A paper ticket costs an average of US$10 to process versus US$1 for an electronic ticket. With over 400 million tickets issued through IATA's settlement systems ...

Paper ticketing vs. Electronic Ticketing based on off-line ... - CiteSeerX


Paper ticketing vs. Electronic Ticketing based on off-line system 'Tapango'. Jef Neefs, Frederik Schrooyen, Jeroen Doggen. Artesis University College of ...

Paper ticket stubs bow to digital age | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Jul 4, 2014 ... The movement to digital ticketing has the unintended consequence of eliminating a cheap memento for fans and a collector's item for others.

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What is an e-ticket, really? - AirTreks


When you're issued an e-ticket there's also an e-ticket receipt that's printed out afterward. The e-ticket receipt looks similar to an old-style paper ticket but doesn't  ...

E-Tickets Advantages - How Airline E-Tickets Work | HowStuffWorks


E-Tickets Advantages - From security to convenience, airline e-tickets offer many ... paper ticket, such as seating choice, travel time options and other flexibilities.

CNN.com - Electronic ticketing shortens the paper trail


(CNN) -- Everybody's talking about electronic ticketing -- or "e-ticketing" in the slick parlance of those in the know. It means you don't have an actual ticket for ...