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In biology, setae /ˈsiːtiː are any of a number of different bristle- or hair-like structures on living organisms. Animal setae[edit]. Invertebrates[edit]. Setae on the foreleg of a ma...

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Clitellata annelids, including earthworms and some leeches, have fewer setae. Some worm bristles are long; others are short and hooked. They can be flowing ...

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Short rearward-pointing bristles on the body of an earthworm make rectilinear motion possible by grabbing the ground as the worm slides. FUNCTION.

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Jan 1, 2015 ... The bristles on earthworms are called chaetae (key-tee). They are made out of chitin and are used in locomotion. Earthworms use them as a ...

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The aortic arches in an earthworm function like the valves in a human heart. ... A: Earthworms have bristles called setae on each segment of their body, that ...

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Earthworms have bristles called setae on each segment of their body, that move in and out to grip the ground and push them along. The bristles work as anchors  ...

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Earthworms don't bite anyone because they don't ... because earthworms breathe through their skin. ... bristles help the worm cling to its burrow when a bird or.

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Earthworms have tiny retractile bristles along the body which help give it grip and a slippery mucus covering, allowing the worm to move through even the ...

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Although native to Europe, earthworms are found throughout North America ... These segments are covered in setae, or small bristles, which the worm uses to ...

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Jun 12, 2012 ... The earthworm's body is divided into segments. Each segment has a number of setae or very small bristles that earthworms use to help them ...

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Q. What characteristics are used to identify earthworms? A. The easiest ... A. Earthworms have bristles or setae in groups around or under their body. The bristles ...



Earthworms create tunnels in the soil by burrowing, which aerates the soil to ... The bristles or setae help anchor and control the worm when moving through soil .

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The body earthworm's body is divided into about 150 segments. Tiny bristles ( plural setae, singular seta) appear in pairs on most segments of the earthworm's  ...