Education Requirements for Forensic Science
Thanks to the popularity of television shows such as "CSI" and "NCIS," interest in forensic science as a career has increased markedly. Becoming a forensic scientist, however, involves quite a bit of schooling focusing on math and science, as well as a... More »
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Forensic Scientist Education Requirements and Career Info

Forensic science includes a diverse field of specialized professionals who work in criminal investigation. A minimum of a bachelor's degree is required to ...

Education Required to Become a Forensic Scientist |

Because of the technical nature of their work, forensic scientists need a minimum of a bachelor's degree, and many specialties require a graduate degree.

Forensic Science Education | Forensic Science Careers

Forensic scientists are educated and trained to uncover and analyze physical evidence ... Read more about each education level, and it's requirements below.

Forensic Science Careers, Jobs and Degree Information - Criminal ...

Forensic scientists help solve crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence and other facts found at the scene. They specifically analyze fingerpri.

Degree Requirements | Forensic Science Program | Eastern ...

Forensic Science (B.S.). University Graduation Requirements 40 hours. General Education Requirements: 36 hours. Refer to the University Catalog for details ...

Forensic scientist: Entry requirements |

To work as a forensic scientist you will usually need either a degree in a scientific subject, such as biological sciences or chemistry, or a degree in forensic ...

Forensic Scientist - Career Information - Career Planning -

In 2010, 13,000 people were employed as forensic scientists. ... To become a forensic scientist, one usually needs to earn a bachelor's degree in chemistry, ...

Forensic Science Technicians - Bureau of Labor Statistics

Forensic science technicians typically need at least a bachelor's degree in the natural sciences, such as chemistry or biology. On-the-job training is usually ...

Forensic Science Degrees and Careers - Criminal Justice Programs

The American Association of Forensic Science, through the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission, accredits most reputable degree  ...

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Q: What education is needed for a career in forensic science?
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