Seahorse populations are thought to be endangered as a result of overfishing ..... in traditional Chinese medicine: Environmental impact and health hazards".

Seahorses - Endangered Species International

Seahorses the jewels of the ocean in danger! Seahorses are very fascinating and magical marine creatures. They have head like a horse, a tail like a monkey, ...

Are Seahorses Becoming Extinct? | Animal Blawg

Dec 2, 2009 ... The effect of their loss would cause an imbalance in the ecosystem ... Since 2004 , the seahorse has been listed as a threatened species under ...

Hippocampus capensis (Cape Seahorse, Knysna Seahorse)

Hippocampus capensis is assessed as Endangered (EN B1ab(i,ii,iii,iv)c(ii)+2ab(i, ii,iii,iv)c(ii)) because it .... they may have a beneficial effect on population size.

Does Water Pollution Threaten Seahorses? | Education - Seattle PI

Seahorses are unique but are threatened by habitat loss, overfishing, and water ... Seahorses are also relatively delicate and vulnerable to the effects of water ...

Knysna seahorse (Hippocampus capensis) - ARKive

The Knysna seahorse is the most endangered seahorse in the world. .... Africa is becoming increasingly developed and this is having a detrimental effect on the ...

The Seahorse Dilemma - Save Our Seahorses

They are one of the most majestic creatures found on earth, with seahorse ... which has left seahorse on the endangered list, with seahorse fisheries reporting a ...

Save Our Seahorses | The Seahorse Trust

Save Our Seahorses has been set up by Kealan Doyle and works in ... and The Seahorse Trust in England that aims to prevent the extinction of seahorses, ... positive effect on the wild population and would at least give seahorses more of a  ...

Pygmy Seahorse Facts & Images | Richard Smith

Apr 1, 2011 ... Are pygmy seahorses endangered? .... would it effect the ecosystem if pygmy seahorses were gone and if it does what would happen?? reply ...

Essential facts about seahorses | Project Seahorse: Advancing ...

Instead of scales, seahorses have thin skin stretched over a series of bony .... Species, 38 seahorse species that have been assessed, one is Endangered, ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Why are seahorses endangered?
A: Seahorses are mostly endangered because some people use them for medicinal purposes. Read More »
Q: Why is the seahorse an endangered species?
A: because people like catching them for souvenirs and they also like drying them. Chinese also catch them because they use them for medicine. Read More »
Q: What species of seahorses is endangered?
A: All 32 species of sea horses are on the Endangered Species list as of Nov 18,... Read More »
Q: Are seahorses endangered?
A: Some are and some aren't. There happen to be lots of different species of seahorses living in the sea all over the world. You can't sensibly generalize about th... Read More »
Q: Are dwarf seahorses endangered?
A: No, Dwarf seahorses are not endangered species, because of their small size they have no commercial value compared to the bigger seahorses (4" to 10") in others... Read More »