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The Effects of Sugar in a Gas Tank
It has been a long-held belief that the effects of sugar in a gas tank can be devastating for a car motor. It is believed that sugar clogs the fuel injection system and stalls the engine.... More »
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Mar 12, 2011 ... Will putting sugar in the gas tank ruin a vehicle's engine? ... for the price of a 5 lb. bag of sugar, the ability to effect great and irreparable harm to ...

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As it turns out, sugar doesn't dissolve in gasoline. Pouring sand into the gas tank would have about the same effect as pouring in sugar. The sand or sugar might ...

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Feb 1, 2001 ... I put sugar in my husband's gas tank but the car has not been turned on ... I was reading about the effects of Sugar in the tank and came across ...

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Learn what really happens if you put sugar in a car's gas tank.

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Does putting sugar in someone's gas tank ruin their engine? ... of gritty substance put into a fuel tank is going to have an adverse effect on the car's performance.

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Oct 1, 2010 ... I'm pretty sure my ex put sugar in my gas tank. I'm positive about the sugar; can't prove that he did it. But he's crazy, and this happened the first ...

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May 21, 2007 ... My brother tells me someone put sugar in his gas tank, and now needs to buy a new car. I think he is BSing me. Someone help me out.

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Nov 8, 2011 ... repairing car that has sugar in gas tank. ... Putting sugar in the tank will do absolutely nothing to a car engine. I've tried it, a friend of mine tried it.

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Sugar in the gas tank will damage all components related to the fuel system… ...... Could anybody please tell me the effects this will cause to my car,its a Grand  ...

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Q: What is the effect of putting sugar in ones gas tank?
A: It wont effect anything doing that. try bleach! It'll work fast. Read More »
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Q: What effect would pouring sugar in a gas tank have?
A: sugar doesn't dissolve in gasoline. try it. unless there's a lot of ethanol in it? the sugar will probably stay at the bottom of the tank, unless : - there's so... Read More »
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Q: Does sugar effect a gas tank in a car?
A: There is a small chance that sugar in the gas tank could clog the flow of the Read More »
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Q: What is the easiest and most effective way to pour sugar in a car...
A: you would need a funnel. The best way would be to mix the sugar with gas before hand. If you dont have it pre-mixed, it wont make it all the way to the tank. It... Read More »
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Q: How to Fix Sugar in a Gas Tank.
A: Discovering that sugar has been put in the gas tank of a car may cause extreme panic for the vehicle's owner. This is largely because legend has it that the sug... Read More »
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