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The Salt Water Egg Experiment explains why materials (such as an egg) float more in salt water than in fresh water.

The Floating Egg | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

Check out the The Floating Egg experiment from Steve Spangler Science! ... the water, the density of the water is greater than the egg, allowing the egg to float.

Salty Science: Floating Eggs in Water - Scientific American

Apr 10, 2014 ... In fact, if you add enough salt, you can make the water so dense that an egg will actually float in it! Explore how this works in this science activity ...

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Floating eggs in salt water - Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab

Aug 12, 2013 ... Notice that the egg will float in the saltwater but sinks in the ordinary tap water. That is because the saltwater is denser than the regular water.

Make an egg float in salt water - Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Enjoy fun science experiments for kids that feature awesome hands-on projects and activities that help bring the exciting world of science to life. Make an Egg ...

How Salty Does the Sea Have to Be for an Egg to Float?

The goal of this science fair project is to determine what salt concentration will float an egg.

ZOOM . activities . sci . Make An Egg Float | PBS Kids

Adding salt to the water makes the water more dense than the egg which makes the egg float. If you weigh a cup of saltwater and a cup of fresh water, the ...

Can you tell me about egg flotation? |

Testing whether an egg floats or sinks in water is a quick, easy way to tell how fresh the egg is. Fresh eggs sink completely and come to rest horizontally at the ...

Science Project _ Egg Floatation

Eggs normally sink in tap water. By changing the density of water, you can make the egg float or submerge. This project makes an interesting and exciting ...

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Q: What information/materials do I need for an egg flotation science...
A: If you want a cookbook-type recipe, the reference given has details. If you do it yourself, put an egg, in the shell, in a half-glass of tap water and notice th... Read More »
Q: What is the data of the project egg flotation?
A: you'd have to look up a data graph, and put it in your own words. Read More »
Q: What would be a good question for egg flotation?
A: will the egg float with hot water or with hot water with salt? Read More »
Q: Who invented the egg flotation and when?
A: Are you talking about floating fresh eggs to make sure that they are really fresh? That has been going on for centuries and no one knows although it was probabl... Read More »
Q: Science Projects on Egg Flotation.
A: Density is the relationship between the mass and volume of an object, or how much stuff is in a given space. A greater mass per volume results in a greater dens... Read More »