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Chlorine is a chemical element with symbol Cl and atomic number 17. It also has a relative atomic mass of 35.5. Chlorine is in the halogen group (17) and is the ...

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The Element Chlorine - Basic Physical and Historical Information.

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Facts. Date of Discovery: 1774. Discoverer: Carl Wilhelm Scheele Name Origin: From the Greek word khlôros (green) Uses: Water purification, bleaches

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Element Chlorine (Cl), Group 17, Atomic Number 17, p-block, Mass 35.45. Sources, facts, uses, scarcity (SRI), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and ...

Pure chlorine is a gas at room temperature. Use: Chlorine is an important component of many oxidizers in fireworks. Also, several of the metal salts that produce colors contain chlorine. More »
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Oct 28, 2014 ... Properties, sources and uses of the element chlorine.

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Chem4Kids.com! Chlorine discovery, background, and location information. There are also tutorials on the first thirty-six elements of the periodic table.

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Chlorine is a greenish yellow gas which combines directly with nearly all elements. Chlorine is a respiratory irritant. The gas irritates the mucous membranes ...

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Chlorine's discovery, interesting facts, and properties - plus informative videos and comprehensive data tables.

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chemical properties, health and environmental effects of chlorine. ... Home · Periodic table · Elements; Chlorine. Chlorine - Cl. Chemical properties of chlorine  ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What type of element is chlorine?
A: Halogen. Read More »
Source: www.webanswers.com
Q: What are all the element that chlorine combine with?
A: Chlorine can combine with anything in the first column (ie. hydrogen, lithium, etc.) and it will become stable. This is according to the Octet rule. Read More »
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Q: What compounds are formed with the element of chlorine?
A: chlorine forms ionic compounds with metals and covalent compounds with non-metals. Read More »
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Q: What chemical elements make chlorine?
A: Chlorine is one of the 117 elements on the periodic table. Chlorine is a pure element not a compound. ! Read More »
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Q: What is the group of elements that Chlorine and Sodium are in?
A: Sodium is an alkali metal and Chlorine is a halogen, So no they are not in the same Read More »
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