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Slow lorises are a group of several species of nocturnal strepsirrhine primates that make up the ..... In the same province, slow loris body parts were used to place curses on enemies. In Java, it w...

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The Slow Loris possesses a toxic (strong venomous) bite. It is a very rare trait for a mammal indeed. The venom servers as a defence against enemy animals but ...

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Slender loris is an endangered species while the whole family of slow lorises is critically endangered. ... As soon as oris bites its enemy, it will deliver the venom.

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Sep 15, 2014 ... Slender Loris Facts video footage and Slow Loris Pictures. To provide ... The loris biggest enemy next to snakes is the Orangutang Fruit is rare ...

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Oct 19, 2010 ... Slow loris by Frans Lanting. Photo from The Guardian. I must say, the idea of venomous primates never crossed my mind. While venomous ...

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Documented predators of the slow loris include snakes, Sumatran orangutans, and the crested hawk-eagle. Potential predators include sun bears, cats such as  ...

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Slow lorises are a group of primates from southeast Asia and possess a very rare trait for a mammal – a toxic bite.

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Lorises are small to medium-sized primates which range in weight from 103 g to 2100 g; They have a range of habitats over a vast area of southern and ...

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Slender loris ears (both L. tardigradus and L. lydekkerianus), are longer than those of slow lorises (genus Nycticebus), and the margins of the ears are usually  ...

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May 18, 2010 ... Needless to say, this animal doesn't have many enemies to worry about. .... The Slow Loris makes itself an unappetizing entry by licking the ...

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The slow loris protects itself by excreting a toxin as a shield. It releases a poison from glands located on the inner elbows. The slow loris can suck the toxin into ...

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The slow lorises are two of the three species of loris and are classified as the ... a toxin which they mix with their saliva and use as protection against enemies.

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Slow lorises are one of three species of loris maintained at the Lemur Center (the others are pygmy slow lorises and slender lorises). All three of these species ...