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Crown-of-thorns starfish


The crown-of-thorns sea star, Acanthaster planci, is a large, multiple-armed starfish (or seastar) that usually preys upon hard, or stony, coral polyps ( Scleractinia) ...

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Starfish, more commonly referred to by scientists as sea stars, are covered with a hard, bony outer skeleton. Their ability to cling to rocks with suction-cup-like ...

What Eats Starfish?


Apr 6, 2010 ... What do starfish eat? What animals eat starfish? The place of the starfish in the food web or food chain, including which natural enemies or ...

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Starfish are best known for their distinctive star-like shape and their ability to regenerate limbs. There are approximately 2000 species of starfish in the world, ...

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Starfish are eaten by sharks that live near the bottom of the ocean, such as nurse sharks, horn sharks and Port Jackson sharks. They are also preyed upon by ...

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May 10, 2013 ... Believe it or not, the overwhelming majority "starfish" are strictly predators, although mostly just attack slower moving or not moving prey such ...

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Some starfish are experts at digging into the sand, helping them hide from the watchful eyes of predators. Sand-sifting starfish, for example, flip up the sand to ...

The Echinoblog: SEA STAR DEFENSE! How do starfish protect ...


Apr 20, 2010 ... Today's topic: STARFISH Defense!! Its curious how often this question comes up. People see starfish and other echinoderms that are just sitting ...

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According to the starfish facts gathered by zoologists, certain species of ... know, it will be a good start to know what these animals do so that people More.

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Q: What is the enemy of a starfish?
A: What are the enemies of starfish? Answer Starfish are preyed upon by sharks, manta rays, and large bony Read More »
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Q: What Are the Friends & Enemies of Starfish?
A: Starfish, considered echinoderms and classified as Astreroida, are a simple life form without a brain and sensory organs. Starfish are best known for their dist... Read More »
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Q: What are the enemies of starfish.
A: Starfish are preyed upon by sharks, manta rays, and large bony fish. Read More »
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Q: Why is the human an enemy of the starfish if you do not eat him.
A: Because you have 4 legs and they have 1 leg. Read More »
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Q: What kind of enemies do starfish have?
A: Bigger starfish. Read More »
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