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The Atlantean language is a constructed language created by Marc Okrand for the Disney film .... Numeral, Atlantean, English. 1, din, one. 2, dut, two. 3, sey, three.


but weren't used to formulate any of the words in the Atlantean dictionary: http:// www.freewebs.com/keran_shadlag/eadictionary9710.htm. - In the movie's ...


Details of the Atlantean alphabet and language, which were created by Marc ... sound like a real human language, to be easy to speak and to be unlike English.


Pure-Loving-Atlantean-English Translator. Instructions. 1. Take a word (for example, "Daniel") 2. Translate each letter using the Atlantean pronunciation in the ...


The Atlantean Language is a constructed language created specifically for the film ... English doesn't use sentence connectors in the following ways, however: ...


Jan 18, 2016 ... Template:Unreferenced section The Atlantean language (Dig Adlantisag) is ...... Atlantean-English dictionary, a likewise short English-Atlantean ...


Atlantean language / Atlan. ... of the area and various original documents, reproduced in the original Atlantean with an English translation".


Atlantean definition, pertaining to the demigod Atlas. ... He was of monumental girth and Atlantean power. 3. ... 12 Emotional Words We Need in English.


Welcome to the Language and Culture of Atlantis Corrant's Atlantean Info Changed on 3/13/2013 Welcome to Corrant's Atlante...