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Equivalent weight


Equivalent weight is a term which has been used in several contexts in chemistry. In its most ... Additionally, the equivalent weight of a compound can be calculated by dividing the molecular weight...

Equivalent Weight


Definitions of Equivalent Weight ( Acid-Base Context ) ... titrant used in the titration, one can then calculate the experimental equivalent weight based on the data.

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Equivalent weight of a substance depends upon the nature of chemical reaction in which the substance takes part. The chemical equivalent with reference to ...

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Sep 23, 2012 ... Equivalent mass /Equivalent Weight in Stochiometry in Chemistry for IIT/Medical - Duration: 22:03. ... Pharmaceutical Calculations 13,751 views.
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Nov 27, 2012 ... Equivalent mass /Equivalent Weight in Stochiometry in Chemistry for IIT/Medical. vishwanathchemistry .... Normality Calculation - Fear No More!

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Equivalent Weight. The equivalent weight (eq. wt.) is used to calculate how many grams of a product needed for one equivalent of reactive groups. For an ...

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Milliequivalent weight (or mass) and milliequivalents are important concepts in soil ... To calculate milliequivalent weight (or milligram-equivalent weight) of a ...

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May 9, 2016 ... Two steps. First, determine the molecular mass of the molecule. For that purpose, look up the atomic massess of all the atoms in the molecule in ...

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To find the equivalent weight, we first find the n-factor of the reactants. Here is a link which will ... How do I calculate the equivalent weights? calculate the equivalent weights of each oxidant and reductant in. FeSO4+KClO3---->KCl +Fe2 (SO4)3.

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The gram-equivalent weight of a complex ion is equal to the formula weight of the ... 1) The gram-equivalent weight of HCl is one mole of HCl (1.008 + 35.453 ...

How to Calculate Equivalent Weight
In science, the equivalent weight of a solution is the molecular weight of the solute, or dissolved substance, in grams divided by the valence of the solute. Equivalent weight predicts the mass of a substance that will react with one atom of hydrogen in... More »
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Calculate the equivalent weights of H2SO3 (MW=82) and LiOH (MW=24) in the ... Equivalent Weight = EW = the number of moles of H<sup>+</sup> (for an acid), or OH<sup>-</sup>(for a ...

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How to Calculate Equivalent Weight. In science, the equivalent weight of a solution is the molecular weight of the solute, or dissolved substance, in grams ...

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Since polyols have a molecular weight distribution, an average equivalent weight is calculated. These calculations are done using the product analyzed ...