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Equivalent weight is a term which has been used in several contexts in chemistry. In its most .... The final death blow for the use of equivalent weights for the elements was Dmitri Mendeleev's ...

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Valencies of hydrogen, calcium and oxygen are 1,2 and 2 respectively. Hence, their equivalent weights are 1/1 =1, 40/2 = 20 and 16/2 = 8 respectively.

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Find the atomic weights for each element in the molecule ... A: Chemists calculate the normality of a solution by dividing the gram equivalent weight of the solute ...

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Jul 13, 2009 ... For an element the equivalent weight is the quantity that combines with or replaces 1.00797 grams (g) of hydrogen or 7.9997 g of oxygen; or, ...

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Definitions of Equivalent Weight ( Acid-Base Context ). The weight of a compound that contains ONE EQUIVALENT of a proton (for acid) or ONE EQUIVALENT of ...

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Jan 24, 2016 ... Therefore you must divide the mass by 2 to get equivalent weight. In fact, this formula based definition of equivalent weight of an element is ...

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equivalent weight. The equivalent weight of an element or radical is equal to its atomic weight or formula weight divided by the valence it assumes.

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Equivalent weight definition, the combining power, especially in grams (gram equivalent) of an element or compound, equivalent to hydrogen as a standard of  ...

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Equivalent weight of an element is defined as the number of parts by weight of it that combine or displace one part by weight of hydrogen or 8 parts by weight of ...

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equivalent weight. n. (Chemistry) the weight of an element or compound that will combine with or displace 8 grams of oxygen or 1.007 97 grams of hydrogen.