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Bezymianny (Russian: Безымянный, meaning unnamed) is an active stratovolcano in Kamchatka, Russia. Bezymianny volcano had been considered ...

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Beginning on 16 January 2015, strong seismicity of neighboring Klyuchevskoy volcano obscured seismicity data at Bezymianny, so it was not reported for the ...

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Bezymianny is the most well known volcano in Kamchatka. The volcano erupted in 1955 after being dormant for 1000 years. The eruption was preceded by a ...

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Bezymianny (Figs.1,2) is one of the most well-known Kamchatka volcanoes thanks to its catastrophic eruption in 1956, preceded by a failure of a 0.5 km<sup>3</sup> portion ...

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Dec 17, 2009 ... Bezymianny volcano on the Kamchatka peninsula is reported by KVERT to have erupted at 21:45 UTC on 16 December: According to seismic ...

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Samples from 33 individual eruptions of Bezymianny volcano between 1956 and 2010 provide an .... Geological background and recent eruptive history of.

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Apr 22, 2011 ... Bezymianny Volcano erupted vigorously on the morning of April 14, 2011, leaving lahars and pyroclastic flows behind.

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Mar 6, 2012 ... Prior to its noted 1955-56 eruption, Bezymianny volcano had been ... and the summit was the largest historical basaltic eruption in Kamchatka.

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For the past few decades, Bezymianny volcano has erupted once to twice per ... pared to Bezymianny's fifty-year modern history, recent eruptions have been ...

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Since Bezymianny Volcano resumed its activity in 1956, eruptions have been frequent; ... historical time (Fedotov and Markhinin, 1983; Fedotov et al., 2010).

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Bezymianny volcano (Kamchatka): ash plume reported (but could be from nearby ... 3 periods of intensified activity have been recognized in the geologic history ...

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A steaming lava dome fills much of the large horseshoe-shaped crater cutting the ESE side of Bezymianny volcano in this late-1980's view from the SE.

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On this day in 1956, Mount Bezymianny, a volcano considered to be extinct, unleashed its most destructive explosion in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula.