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A network switch is a computer networking device that connects devices together on a computer network, by using packet switching to receive, process and forward data to the destination device. Unlik...

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The functions of the router, switch and hub are quite different from one another, ... switched LANs or, in the case of Ethernet networks, switched Ethernet LANs.

Ethernet Hubs Vs. Switches
Many organizations depend on computer networks to facilitate efficient communications and improve customer service. Good network performance and stability are critical to the operation of an organization’s network, and networking hardware... More »
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Apr 23, 2013 ... A simple demonstration of the difference between an Ethernet hub and an Ethernet switch, and how this can get you into (temporary) trouble if ...

What is the Difference Between a Hub and a Switch?


Although hubs and switches both glue the PCs in a network together, a switch is more expensive and a network built with switches is generally considered faster ...

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What's the difference between Hub and Switch? A Hub is a networking device that allows one to connect multiple PCs to a single network. Hubs may be based  ...

What's the difference between a hub, a switch, and a router? - Ask Leo!


Feb 23, 2013 ... Hubs, switches, and routers are all computer networking devices with ... On busy networks, this can make the network significantly faster.

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Oct 17, 2016 ... Network routers, switches and hubs are all standard components of wired ... In contrast, switches (and hubs) are not capable of joining multiple ...

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Jan 1, 1999 ... Hubs and switches are different types of network equipment that connect devices. They differ in the way that they pass on the network traffic that ...

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A: Imagine you have several computers and you need to connect them via Ethernet: ... Ethernet: What is the difference between a hub or a switch in promiscuous mo... Read More »
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Q: What is difference between hub, switch, router, and bridge? - Quo...
A: In a nutshell: A switch operates at the Layer 2 level in the OSI model, a router operates on ... So, hubs and switches both work at purely the level of Etherne... Read More »
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Q: Difference between hub, router,switch??? | Yahoo Answers
A: whats the difference between hub,switch,router... i am totally ... Best Answer: Hub and Switches are used over a Local Area Network (LAN). Read More »
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Q: Router vs Hub vs Switch vs WAP? | Yahoo Answers
A: What is the difference between a router, hub, switch, and WAP ... 1) It manages your network the same way a server would in a larger network. Read More »
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Q: What is the difference between hub, bridge, repeater and switch ....
A: To understand the concept, you need to understand the OSI layers. I hope you are aware of it ... Simple, we had only point to point connectivity and for star ... Read More »
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