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Euglena is a genus of single-celled flagellate eukaryotes. It is the best known and most widely studied member of the class Euglenoidea, a diverse group ...


Euglena: Genus of more than 1000 species of single-celled flagellated (i.e., having a whiplike appendage) microorganisms that feature both plant and animal  ...


Oct 4, 2016 ... Euglena are tiny protists with characteristics of both plant and animal cells. Some species are capable of photosynthesis and others feed on ...



Euglena definition, a genus of green freshwater protozoans having a reddish eyespot and a single flagellum, found especially in stagnant waters. See more.


Euglena is a genus of single‐celled, free‐livingmicroorganisms that show both plant‐ and animal‐like characteristics.


The euglena is unique because it is sort of like a plant and also like an animal. It is pear shaped. It has a whippy tail called a flagellum that allows it to move ...


Euglena Ehrenberg, 1838. Taxonomic Serial No.: 9620. (Download Help) Euglena TSN 9620 ... Species, Euglena hemichromata Bs) Lemmermann. Species ...


Euglena picture with descriptions of organelles and their functions. Students color the picture and answer questions.