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Apr 19, 2016 ... Tornadoes are violent storms that kill 80 people each year. Here are some ... Tornado Facts: Causes, Formation & Safety. by Nola Taylor .... Enormous Tornado-Blocking Walls: Could Wild Idea Really Work? Childress High ...

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It is not fully understood about how exactly tornadoes form, grow and die. ... as widely recognized as tornadoes, they can cause comparable, and in some cases,  ...

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Types and Causes of Tornadoes: A tornado is a strong, turbulent column of air, moving fast and keeping in contact with the earth's surface and a vertically ...

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How Do Tornadoes Form? Tornadoes are associated with large (supercell) thunderstorms that often grow to ... This causes a horizontal rotating column of air . 2.

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Learn what causes a tornado or twister, and the role of severe thunderstorms in ... is actually no real definition of a tornado that has been universally accepted ...

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Aug 19, 2014 ... Meteorologist James Spann sheds light on the lifespan of tornadoes as .... on how tornados work so if I could share this it would really help?.

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Wind speeds that high can cause automobiles to become airborne, ... We're not really sure what the highest wind speed might be inside a tornado, since strong ...

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May 15, 2014 ... Wildfires can spawn tornadoes. Here's how they happen.

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Jul 31, 2014 ... And what can cause one? ... “…causing it to build into a spinning flame. ... A fire tornado consists of a core—the part that is actually on fire—and ...

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The same thing can happen to a tornado's vortex, causing it to collapse and reform ... Scientists still debate exactly how these deadly storms die, but one of the ...

Clouds form when water vapor condenses in the air. This releases heat, which increases the updraft temperature and the kinetic energy of air movement. In supercell thunderstorms, updrafts are strong and may create a vortex of air that may form a tornado.
Most scientists consider this to be a simplified and incomplete explanation. The finer details of tornado formation and dissipation are still unknown.
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May 30, 2013 ... A description of the special conditions that can cause a thunderstorm to become tornadic.

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A tornado is a violently rotating column of air which descends from a ... and the surrounding winds may cause the updraft to begin rotating-and a tornado is born.

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But a tornado doesn't begin to form until the air starts to spin. Scientists are not exactly sure how this happens, but it seems that one way this is possible is when  ...