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For example, Romeo may speak with a specific foot and meter, but a servant ... In “Romeo and Juliet,” the characters sometimes speak in prose instead of verse.


Mar 15, 2016 ... Shakespeare's plays contain both prose and verse. ... and illustrated below with Romeo's famous line from Romeo and Juliet when he sees ... In Romeo's line, for example, an actor may put more emphasis on 'what' in order to ...


how Shakespeare uses poetry and prose; what imagery adds to the play ... five stressed and five unstressed, as in this line from Romeo and Juliet: ... Here, for example, he talks about the effect that his melancholy has on him and how he has ...


Why does Juliet speak in rhymed verse in the two above examples? ... In Shakespeare terms, prose does not use the defined rhythm that identifies verse.


William Shakespeare used many literary tools. There were many alliteration examples in Romeo and Juliet, one of his most famous plays.


An analysis of the versification, rhyme and diction in Romeo and Juliet, from ... This prose of 'low life' is a development of the humorous prose found, for example  ...


Most of the play is in blank verse. The play opens with a prologue in the form of a rhyming sonnet and then some banter in prose between ...


Much of Romeo and Juliet is written in blank verse, more so than in his earlier plays. There are also some examples of prose, or writing that is not any kind of ...


Romeo, in contrast, goes right to Juliet herself; he stands beneath her balcony ... Prose. Blank verse is the elegant, high-class way of talking. People lower on the  ...


Examples of Rhyme Scheme in "Romeo & Juliet". by Nadine Smith. "Romeo and Juliet" contains prose, blank verse (non-rhyming poetry) and rhyme.