In William Shakespeare's "Macbeth," there are several examples of hyperbole including when Macbeth says,"They crown does scar mine eye-balls" or "This tyrant, whose sole name blist...



Examplesedit]. Referring to a scratch as a wound. Referring to a game won by a wide margin as a slaughter. Referring to a failure as ...

Examples of Hyperboles


Hyperboles are exaggerations to make a point. Learn where they are used and compare the many examples of hyperboles listed.

Examples of Hyperbole for Kids


Knowing some examples of hyperboles for kids is a great way to make a boring story more interesting.

It is in common use, as much among the unlearned as among the learned; because there is in all men a natural propensity to magnify or extenuate what comes before them, and no one is contented with the exact truth. We used to have to get up at six o'clock in the morning... More »
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Hyperbole - Examples and Definition of Hyperbole - Literary Devices


Definition, Usage and a list of Hyperbole Examples in common speech and literature. Hyperbole, derived from a Greek word meaning “over-casting” is a figure of ...

Hyperbole Examples and Definition - Literary Devices


Definition and a list of examples of hyperbole. Hyperbole is the use of obvious and deliberate exaggeration.

Hyperbole Examples | Reading Worksheets


Fifty well-written examples of hyperbole. These hyperbole examples are high quality with very few cliches, a great resource for teachers.

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As a figure of speech it is not intended to be taken literally. Hyperbole is frequently used for humour. Examples of hyperbole are: They ran like greased lightning.

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Welcome to the biggest list of hyperboles online. Feel free to click on your favorite (or most hated) hyperbole and tell us what you think about it.

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Q: An Example of Hyperbole?
A: I am so tired I could sleep for a year. Read More »
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Q: Examples of hyperboles?
A: Answer my feet are killing me Read More »
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Q: Is this an example of hyperbole?
A: Yes and no. Hyperboles are straightforward, false statements, like "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse" or "That donut has a billion grams of sugar. They wouldn'... Read More »
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Q: Is the an example of hyperbole?
A: maybe #2 •It is going to take a bazillion years to get through Medical School. •I ate the whole cow. •He's 900 years old. •I am so hungry I could eat a horse. •... Read More »
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Q: What are 3 examples of hyperbole?
A: "My teacher is so old. they've already nailed the coffin shut" "My dog is so Read More »
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