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In computer science, a high-level programming language is a programming language with strong abstraction from the details of the computer. In comparison to low-level programming languages, it may us...

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Yes, they're just general terms. It's to do with abstraction, and how close you are to what the ... what the computer's actually doing. Here's a list of programming languages ranging from very low to very high level: .... For example, there was a time when assembly was considered mid-level. The 'level' is essenti...

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Examples of low-level programming languages are machine language and ... High-level programming languages appear more like human language than ...

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Dec 2, 2015 ... Learn the difference between high level & low level languages through ... High level language Example, writing a program in python which by default ... as low level because unlike high level programming languages it doesn't ...

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Feb 27, 2008 ... Most high-level languages are well defined, as are low-level languages, ... For example, Java is mostly object-oriented, but it still relies on primitives ... I think Scala can become higher level with support of metaprogramming.

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A high-level language is a programming language such as C, FORTRAN, ... are considered low-level because they are very close to machine languages.

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Two good examples of low-level languages are assembly and machine code. ... Also see: High-level language, 1GL, Programming terms, Special purpose ...

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High-level language Sometimes abbreviated as HLL, a high-level language is a computer programming language that isn't limited by the computer, designed for  ...

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Jan 26, 2014 ... There's not going to be a rigid line but I do know that among programming language .... Example of LLL is Assembly language. 11.9k Views ...

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Jan 28, 2015 ... Low-level languages are designed to operate and handle the entire hardware and ... Two good examples of low-level languages are assembly and ... is more complex, programming in a low level language or a high level?

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Hi. high level programming laguages is languages program than use languages or syntax which ... pls. give me 3 example of low level & high level languages.

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Examples of low-level languages are assembly and machine languages. A low- level language is a programming language that deals with a computer's ... Unlike high-level languages, assembly languages lack variables and functions, but they  ...

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Machine Language; Assembly Language; High level Language. Chapter 2- ... The fundamental language of the computer's processor, also called Low Level Language. All programs ... Examples are C ++, Visual Basic, Pascal, Fortran and …