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Petrochemicals are organic chemicals made from crude oil and natural gas for use in industrial processes. Examples of primary petrochemicals include methanol, ethylene, propylene, ...



Petrochemicals are chemical products derived from petroleum. ... around the world, for example in Louisiana in the USA, in Teesside in the Northeast of England ...

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In addition to these initial petroleum products, many other materials are made. Here are some specific examples of everyday products made from petrochemicals ...

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Sep 25, 2011 ... The table below includes some representative examples of the petrochemical end products produced from the eight hydrocarbon feedstocks ...

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In many instances, a specific chemical included among the petrochemicals may ... For example, materials such as benzene and naphthalene can be made from ...

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Definition of petrochemical: Chemical obtained either directly from cracking ( pyrolysis), ... DefinitionAdd to FlashcardsSave to FavoritesSee Examples. Chemical ...

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Multifaceted uses of petrochemical ranges from day to day trivial products to high range products. Petrochemical commodities start ranging as something from as ...

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The table below includes some representative examples of the petrochemical end products ...

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Petrochemicals are used to manufacture thousands of products people use every day ... For example, ethylene oxide is used in hospitals to sterilize life-saving ...

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define petrochemicals;. ○ explain different generations of petrochemicals with flow sheet diagram;. ○ cite various examples of petrochemicals;. ○ list uses of ...

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