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In telecommunications, asynchronous communication is transmission of data, generally without ... An example of the opposite, a synchronous communication service, is realtime streaming media, for exa...

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Synchronous communication can be defined as real- time communication between two people. Examples include face-to-face or phone communication.

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Discover what synchronous and asynchronous describe, including education. ... and online conferences are good examples of synchronous communication.

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Examples of one-to-one synchronous communication include: instant messaging. Examples of one-to-many synchronous communication include: video ...

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Synchronous is real time, and asynchronous is time delayed. ... 2) Give two examples of synchronous and two of asynchronous communication (not necessarily ...

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Definition of synchronous communication: Data transfer method in which sent ( upstream) ... See synchronous transmission for details. ... Show More Examples.

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Examples. There are synchronous tools within an LMS environment (e.g., Chat in WebCT Vista, Wimba) and others that are ...

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Calling someone on telephone is synchronos. Communicating with him per mail is ... They are really examples of those kinds of communication. Calling someone on phone IS synchronous communication, but there are not bits ...

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Mar 7, 2014 ... Synchronous communication occurs in real time and can take place ... an early example (1945) of mobile synchronous radio communication.

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Synchronous Communication. Module Event from the thread library implements the communication of assorted values between ... Example of synchronization.