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Socioeconomics is the social science that studies how economic activity affects and is shaped ... Socioeconomists often focus on the social impact of economic change. These changes might ... social interactions". Journal of Political Economy.


Define sociopolitical: of, relating to, or involving a combination of social and political factors.


GCSE Geography revision section covering social, economic and political effects on population and migration. Covers urban and rural migration looking at ...


Mar 14, 2015 ... Social and political globalization have strong positive association .... The outcome variable of interest (i.e. being overweight) was defined as ...


Definition of political impact: The effect that government policy and its administrative practices can have on something. Most business operators will keep a ...


so·ci·o·po·li·ti·cal adj. Involving both social and political factors. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by  ...


international donor community, civil society, and academia, to discuss the .... include identifying political economy risks and social impacts of policy reforms).


Sociopolitical definition, of, relating to, or signifying the combination or interaction of social and political factors: the sociopolitical environment in Japan.


OBJECTIVES: This paper reviews the themes emerging from reports of the many social, economic and political effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on individuals, ...


Socio-political context is the overlapping of both political and social arenas. ... What are some consequences of political corruption in the United States?